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More on Weight Loss and Fat Loss Supplements

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:00pm

Yesterday, we looked at 7 of 15 weight loss and fat loss supplements profiled in the June 2008 edition of FitnessRx for Women magazine. Today, we will look at the final 8 supplements that can help you to achieve and maintain the body weight and fat composition you desire. So, let's go.

  1. Green tea - It contains high amounts of caffeine , which is proven to increase metabolism. Although still under some debate, green tea has also been shown in recent studies to promote fat-burning and reduce bodyweight in overweight individuals.

  2. Hoodia - Hoodia is an appetite suppressant that has been used extensively in South Africa and has been shown to reduce body mass through decreased food consumption.

  3. MCT oil - Medium-chain triglycerides ( MCT ) are similar to fish oil and CLA in their ability to burn fat. Studies of overweight individuals have shown that consuming MCT s results in greater fat loss versus consuming LCTs (long-chain fats like beef fat). Research with obese women who supplemented with MCT oil showed greater metabolic rate and fat oxidation when compared to subjects who consumed a diet rich in LCTs .

  4. Yerba mate - A South-American drink of the ancient Indians, yerba mate is an herbal drink that is gaining popularity in other countries. When consumed in capsule form as an herbal mix along with guarana and damiana , yerba mate has been shown to reduce bodyweight in overweight individuals. The herbal mix also increases a feeling of fullness for an extended period of time.

  5. Dietary protein and leucine - Adequate protein intake is important to help maintain muscle tissue during dieting. Conserving muscle helps keep metabolic rate higher, thus resulting in more fat-burning during and after exercise. Protein also helps to maintain a feeling of fullness and to control sugar balance. An essential amino acid found in protein is leucine , one of the BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids).

  6. Leucine - Leucine promotes protein synthesis and suppresses protein catabolism . In other words, leucine helps to build muscle and decrease muscle loss or wasting. In studies with mice fed a high-fat diet, increased dietary intake of leucine resulted in lower body mass, better sugar control and a positive cholesterol profile. This was due in part to an increased metabolic rate.

  7. Soy - Soy is a high-quality non-animal protein source that helps to increase lean muscle mass in adults who do resistance training. In a recent study, subjects who consumed a soy protein drink or a soy protein bar had similar lean muscle mass gains. As mentioned previously, more muscle equates to more fat-burning, resulting in greater fat loss and weight loss. See Soy Protein: What is the Truth About Soy? for more information.

  8. Whey and casein - Both whey protein and casein protein supplements have been shown to increase muscle gains in individuals who strength-train. However, in a 3-month study of active students who consumed both whey and casein, the whey protein group showed a lower body fat percentage and greater improvements in exercise performance.
So, there you have it. Another 8 dietary supplements to consider that can help you achieve your fat loss and weight loss goals.

Have a great day!

Sandy Huard, Women's Health Supply International
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