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More Information about Epic's Beaker LIS and Its Sibling

Posted Aug 06 2010 12:00am

We are gradually acquiring more information about the status of Epic's LIS, which is called Beaker (see :Introducing the Epic Laboratory Information System (LIS); It's Called Beaker. ; An Update on Epic's LIS, Called Beaker, from HIStalk ). Now we have a submitted comment from HIStalk that the Sisters of Mercy Health System may be taking the plunge with Beaker in two of their hospitals (see: News 8/6/10 ). Below is the comment:

From PrettyKitty: “Re: Epic Beaker LIS. After a four-year project rolling out Epic to 10 of their hospitals and replacing existing systems in an effort to standardize, Sisters of Mercy Health System is developing Epic’s Beaker lab application for their next two hospitals to be implemented in the second quarter of 2011. They had been retaining and integrating the previous lab systems — Cerner and Meditech — but have been told that Beaker is ready. They are in the selection process for a Blood Bank system since Epic will not offer that.”

It turns out that Beaker is Epic's "best-of-breed" LIS but it also has an AP-LIS sibling :

Beaker Clinical Laboratory Information System supports inpatient and ambulatory laboratory workflows, combining best-of-breed LIS functionality with the benefits of enterprise-wide integration. With Epic's Web-based OutReach application, external submitters to your reference laboratory can enter orders and receive results online.

Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Beaker for Anatomic Pathology supports the needs of surgical pathology and cytology labs. Barcode enabled workflows help promote safe practices, while dedicated pathologist, cytotech, and histotech worklists help guide cases through the lab. Integration with Beaker Clinical laboratory provides one click access to the patient's history and synoptic reporting allows for efficient data mining.

So we have the BCLIS and APLBAP. Although I think that the name Beaker is a shade too precious for my taste, I think that it's a whole lot better than the name that the Epic name-mavens came up with for the RIS:

Radiant Radiology Information System combines tools for rules-based scheduling, documentation, results communication, chart/film tracking and detailed statistical reporting in a unified system that is fully integrated with our clinical systems. Radiant allows clients to link images and reports with a single system that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users in multiple departments.

I thought that radiant was a term reserved for Miss America pageants and astrophysicists. Perhaps the alternative name of Radiation Information System was already taken.

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