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More Industrial Food Facts Revealed ~ Food, Inc

Posted Jul 26 2009 10:08pm 1 Comment
A while back I wrote about the movie, King Corn , in which the two guys from the big city leased an acre in Iowa to grow corn. They wanted to know all about where our food actually comes from and be part of the process.

Kim Klaver, part owner of Whole Food Nation , just shared in her blog the following movie clip which shows how food has been so industrialized that it isn't actually food as we know it. Check it out...

So if you watched that and are as intrigued as I am, you can visit the official site, then Google it for local theater times. It's playing near me, think I'll go this weekend to get out of this heat.

HealthNutShortcuts is looking for easy ways to eat the right things while trying to avoid food-like substances that aren't really even food.
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