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Moob Operations On The Rise

Posted Sep 17 2009 10:21pm

The number of men across the country having their ‘moobs’ reduced has shot up by 1,000 per cent in the last five years.

Men in their forties and fifties, or even older are finally able to proudly strip off at the public swimming pool or at the beach on holiday after years of hiding their sagging chests in embarrassment by having the problem cut off at the source.

Men that were once too ashamed to even discuss the problem are now grinning and baring it, shelling out the cash and putting their vanity in the plastic surgeon’s hands.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) met in Cardiff, south Wales today, for the begginning of their annual two-day conference, where the most recent ‘man boob’ operation statistics were revealed.

The BAAPS are a charitable organisation, created to try and increase good practice in the sector, with one third of plastic surgeons in the UK part of the group.

However, BAAPS are the only group of plastic surgeons in the UK that releases their statistics, so the real number of men going under the knife is likely to be significantly higher.

BAAPS announced that while in 2003 they carried out only 22 male breast reduction operations, 2008 revealed the boom for the trend with 323 men opting for a smoother chest line.

The surprising figures which equate to going from approximately one operation per fortnight to now almost one day annually, include some shy teenage boys desperate for some body confidence.

It is thought the surge in operations is due in part to men being more open about the problem as well as the handy world wide web with stellar advice on how to tackle the issue.

However, at the front of the queue are actually older men, who have spent their lives shielding their bodies in shame, only to finally make the change.

“I get people coming to me in their 50s and 60s. Men who have never taken their T-shirts off in public before,” said Douglas McGeorge, a past president of BAAPS.

Mr McGeorge, a plastic surgeon with his own practice, added that the problem was not just limited tol older men, with teenange boys taking the plunge too.

However fortunately for them, if the NHS sees fit, and criteria are met, they can have the operation done for free.

“If you give a man female hormones then they get breasts,” he says.

“In puberty, there is a mixture of hormones and some young men develop breasts which can go of their own accord later in life,” he explained.

It can be difficult to decide however, whether the problem is genuine, or just the result of obesity. The price and type of operation is determined by each individual’s case.

Some operations can be carried out using liposuction and resculpting of the reduced breast area, however other men may require tissue to be removed from the area.

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