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Modern Jujitsu & Combat Hapkido -- Some Shoulder Issues

Posted Oct 02 2008 2:17pm

As you may have read in the past, I've had some various shoulder issues and I am not sure what is martial arts related and what might be MS.

When I played ice hockey in 2003 (not long after my MS diagnosis), I had a left shoulder dislocation and something called a Hills-Sachs Fracture which resembles a divot. Well, during an Orange Belt test in August for Combat Hapkido I was working with a partner and grabbed him zealously with 2 hands (tres bad on my part -- what was I thinking??). He just as zealously took me down and my left shoulder hyper-extended backwards (as I remember it) and the triple pops and pain brought immediate tears to my eyes. I felt like I was going to puke (sorry for the graphic) ... but I made it through the rest of the belt test in a tremendous amount of pain. The belt test lasted about 2 hours and was very physically demanding for me (especially given those loud pops).

I know I have a somewhat compromised left shoulder given the fact of that silly hockey injury. Right now, I feel like I am dealing with a shoulder impingement of some sort and although I have been resting it and stuff, I have a new sensation of electric shocks (feels like TENS unit) going down the bicep, the forearm and into the thumb and forefinger. It's strange .... is it shoulder or is it MS???

I need to relay that this feeling is new. I also need to relay that my Dad was just diagnosed with Colorectal cancer last week and has cancerous tumors on his liver. This is tough news and it's tough to see parents grow older. He has a tough fight ahead of him (as does my Mom) and the family. We are dealing with it the best way that we can and Dad is trying to do the best he can ... but I know that he is anxious and afraid. We are trying to stay strong with him and find him the best doctors to give him the best opportunity for life.

This kind of stress brings on exacerbations and that is why the shoulder is kind of fooling me and playing with my head. I will treat it with an orthpedic doctor (as I have been) just to make sure there are no pinched nerves or anything. They can shoot me up with Cortisone and that is always a good diagnostic indicator. I would truthfully welcome the pain relief.

CC and I are back from a quick junket to Vegas and I had two good (no, great) Craps sessions that made up for my losses. I came out a little ahead. It was fun ... but I was popping Ibuprofen like M&M's. Hey, I am not going to be stupid. But I am not going to stop what I am doing either. I love martial arts and the distraction and physical push are everything I need. Truly!

Tonight we have Modern Jujitsu training with Sensei John Borter who really rocks. Tonight, dynamic finger locks so I better warm up my hands :) The man kicks butt!!!!
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