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Moderate joint pain and swelling 3 wks after flu shot

Posted by lah6790

I recieved the flu shot 3 wks ago and like many of you, had an onset of weird symptoms that were never present before the shot. 

 I had the shot almost 3 wks ago and 3 days after the shot, the moderate joint pain and swelling started. It is mostly in my hands, bilaterally. The pain isn't horrifying but it's very botherseome during the day and especially in the AM. I am having NO other symptoms other than that. 

 Can anyone offer their own timeline of how long it lasted for? I've seen 6 wks..and in some cases longer? NSAIDS help a tiny bit, heat etc.


Here's my email PLEASE email me if you've had a similar experience and/or advice. 

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