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Mike Adams: Race for what cure?

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:12pm

I don't agree with everything Mike Adams the Health Ranger has to say. But I do agree with a lot of it. I just read this post/rant and it's very powerful. The Cure Con: how you're being deceived by charities that claim to be racing for the cure for cancer and other chronic diseases

If you stabbed your leg with an ice pick, you'd probably bleed. That's a metabolic result that follows your actions. It's no disease, it's just a result. Same thing with obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and many other so-called diseases. A person who drinks a 12-pack of cola every day, while avoiding all exercise, is going to end up obese and diabetic. That doesn't make obesity a disease, it just makes it a result. Same as stabbing yourself with an ice pick, only slower.

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