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Migration carp

Posted Nov 16 2012 9:41am

I am a carp. I was living in a small rivers has not been destroyed, but in my three years old, mountain built a chemicalmoncler outlet onlineplant, chemical plant of dirty water all discharge into the stream. So, originally is my life park, paradise creek became a dirty and smelly gutter, I and my partner are forced to leave this let us live down from generation to generation of paradise. I and my fellow left embarked on a long journey, to find their own paradise, heaven.

In our marching on the road, I saw the Yellow River on both sides of the because humans strive to open to expand the wasteland, make a large number of soil into the Yellow River, the Yellow River into the sea every year hundreds of thousands of tons of soil volume up. Listen to a well-informed old tortoise said, in the Yangtze river of middle-upper have a lot of hidden sewage pipeline, the sewer every day in the discharge of sewage, which is also polluted Yangtze river of suffering.

On the way, I also saw: individual trees fell, the animals lost home; Bits of black smoke rising up, the burning of the ozone layer, earth lost lost umbrella. A ChiChi blackwater discharge into the large rivers, my similar are starting to death, and destroy; We from mining factory after, saw peak became KongShan, earth without a clear the blood, and high nose bridge, the rest is a naked head, dry skin, turbid blood. Earth is no longer young, getting old, weak, because the human! The flames of anger in earth's heart combustion, the earth's revenge plan to start!

The earth began warming, formed the drought, the human is the underground water is used, The earth moved his nose, alpine collapsed, blew up numerous houses, while human construction again, cut down more and more trees; The earth fire emit three zhangs, mud-rock flows, landslides, human use cut down trees, mining stone to block; The earth began to anger, tornado, storm rages, human beings have to kill animals, store food, The earth trembled, big earthquake destroyed houses and tsunami flooded the city, but the humans use mining to ore do seismograph, to get into the room continuous discharge waste gas, waste water, The earth mad! Flash floods overflow, dispel the human, sweeping down the summer buildings, but with the human life rubbish to block; Volcanic eruptions, shall all the destruction of the city...Ice disaster coming, heavy rains mop-up...

Human ah human, please do not let the animals didn't the forest; Don't let the fish didn't underwater paradise; Don't let the birds did not have the blue sky. Human ah human, please treat let you ZuZu life down from the earth. Do not cut down the trees, because trees can prevent water loss and soil erosion; Don't damage the water resources, because water is your human survive the necessary thing; Don't kill animals, because you kill too many animals, will make the nature of the biologic chain off balance. Human ah human, please you treat this already old blue planet.

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