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Michael Moore Believes Capitalism Has Failed Us...

Posted Nov 03 2009 10:01pm
Michael Moore's new movie talks about how capitalism has failed us. The problem with Michael Moore's assertion is that capitalism doesn't exist in America. It probably never has existed. What we have in America is not capitalism; it's socialism, fascism, mercantilism, corporatism, or some combination of all four of those. Whatever it's called, it's not capitalism, and IT is what has failed us, not capitalism.

What has failed us is corporations' ability to purchase legislation or regulations, which forces people to use their services or drives competitors out of the market (again, not capitalism...that's corporatism). The other thing that has failed us is the government socializing services, regulating businesses, or taking over businesses. This destroys the free market's ability to provide better services at better prices (again, this is not capitalism's fascism, mercantilism, or socialism).

We need to get government out of businesses, and we need to get businesses out of government. Just like we believe in the separation of church and state, we need to institute the separation of corporations and state.

Either way, you can't blame capitalism, when capitalism has not existed in this country for many years, if ever. We either have a capitalist system or we don't. There is nothing in between.

Is Ron Paul the only politician with any sense? I love the part of this video when, right after Ron Paul explains to Larry King that having the "right" to medical care implies people have the right to force someone else to give them medical services or products, Larry King then asks Ron Paul, "Well...what if someone falls in the street, and he's dying...shouldn't the government take care of him?" The problem is, the general public thinks like Larry King. We are hopeless.

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