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Mercury Toxicity & National Amalgam Awareness Week

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:10pm

This week, October 3 - 10, is National Amalgam Awareness Week. The stated purpose of NAAW is, "Dedicated to raising awareness with the public, press, government officials and medical and dental communities on the dangers of mercury from dental amalgams."

This coincides with the American Dental Association's annual convention October 6 - 9 in Philadelphia. As 45,000 dentists converge to hear Colin Powell speak Friday morning, a protest demonstration -- organized by Pennsylvania Coalition for Mercury-Free Dentistry and Consumers for Dental Choice -- will be held outside the convention center.

I have written many times about mercury amalgams on my blog because I believe the 14 mercury fillings I had in my mouth significantly contributed to my recurrent, chronic conditions. I believe the mountain of evidence clearly establishes that mercury -- from all sources, but especially mercury amalgams since they account for the most significant chronic exposure -- plays a significant role in the spectrum of chronic health conditions.

The primary purpose of the event is to inform/remind ADA dentists that as the mountain of evidence continues to point to mercury amalgams as a factor in chronic conditions, dentists who think they will be protected by the ADA from potential lawsuits need to be made aware of the ADA's stated legal position on mercury amalgams:

"The ADA owes no legal duty of care to protect the public from allegedly dangerous products used by dentists. The ADA did not manufacture, design, supply or install the mercury-containing amalgams. The ADA does not control those who do. The ADA's only alleged involvement in the product was to provide information regarding its use. Dissemination of information relating to the practice of dentistry does not create a duty of care to protect the public from potential injury."

Source: Legal brief filed in 1995 by attorneys for the ADA in W.H. Tolhurst vs. Johnson and Johnson Consumer Products, Inc.; Engelhard Corporation; ABE Dental, Inc.; the American Dental Association, et al., in the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Santa Clara, CA, Case No. 718228.

This is what "they" claim is harmless:

Mercury Amalgam Label

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