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Mercury News in Connecticut

Posted Sep 14 2008 8:02pm

" Enviromentalist seek ban on use of metal in dentistry"

Now, if environmental activists have their way, those silver blots [mercury amalgams] will go the way of elk-horn dentures.

They want the state Department of Environmental Protection to ban the use of mercury in dental fillings. The DEP will hold a hearing on the issue Thursday in Hartford. If the state accepts the argument, Connecticut would be the first state to require dentists to stop using mercury in fillings

Suporters say the issue isn't the health of people walking around with mercury fillings in their mouth. It's about getting mercury out of the environment, wherever it may be.

Ok, so maybe this is just a means to an end, but we're supposed to be more concerned about the environment than the "health of people" ?? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

That is idiocy and it's a sad day when the environmental lobbys have more pull than Autistic lobbys like Safe Minds.

But then again, if this works, it will pull mercury amalgams off the market in Conneticut!

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