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Mercury Dental Amalgam is toxic to the brain. Duh!!

Posted Feb 03 2009 11:20pm

I ran across this summary of the work of Dr. Boyd Haley regarding mercury and ties to Alzheimer's disease.  It is rather technical but if you can wade through it, you will find pretty convincing evidence that we should NEVER put mercury in our mouth!!  And if you have it there you should consider getting it out. 

But only get it out if it is done properly by someone who knows what they are doing otherwise you could make matters FAR worse by getting a very large dose of mercury in the removal of your amalgams. 
I had mine out in 1987 and am glad I did.  I will never know how my health would be today if they were still there but based on the data, it is likely that my health would be worse and not better.

How can anyone support the idea that permanently placing the most neurotoxic metal known to man in your mouth where it is proven it leaches into the brain and body, not be bad for you in some way?  Well duh!!

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