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Mercury Containing Preservative Alters Immune Function

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:32pm

This new study reported in Medline, proves that thimerosal -- used for decades in vaccines for millions of babies, children, and adults -- dramatically effects key immune cells.

This is the first time that thimerosal has been shown to selectively alter the normal functions of dendritic cells," said Dr. Pessah, a toxicologist and director of the Children's Center for Environmental Health and Disease Prevention at Cal Davis.

He added that dendritic cells "play pivotal roles in overcoming viral and bacterial invaders by coordinating the immune system's overall combat response."

As small a quantity as 20 parts per billion, the mercury was found to be "garbling the normal signaling system between them. (immune cells)" And then at 200 parts per billion "they found that it induced apoptosis (cell death) of dendritic cells before they had fully matured, thereby preventing T-cell activation." THIS IS A REALLY BIG DEAL in a developing baby! How much are they exposed to when they got their regular pediatric shots? Much more than this!!

In 1991, a Merck scientist named Dr. Maurice Hilleman, warned his bosses that with the vaccine schedule of that day children were getting a total dose of mercury 87 times greater than the safe level established by the FDA? Shortly after, even MORE vaccines were added to the schedule increasing the levels to over 150 times the FDA safe level!

And the authors of this new study have the gall to say:

They stopped short, however, of fingering thimerosal as a cause of autism. Thimerosal is still used in some commercial vaccines.

Other experts also advised drawing no final conclusions regarding thimerosal and autism on the basis of this research.

Well of course they are going to say that. Who wants to tell the entire medical community, the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, that entire generations of Americans have been "poisoned by them" either directly or indirectly. No one who depends on grants from that community will EVER say, here is strong proof that a big mistake was made causing damage to millions of children.

I have said often that mercury may not be the single cause of autism. But these new findings does fit the symptom spectrum of autism. Along with mercury being a well known neurotoxin, this shows that it also dramatically effects the immune system allowing the proliferation of strange bacteria and viral illness to wreck havoc in the systems of developing children. Especially at higher levels. Babies were regularly shot full of MUCH higher levels than they even tested! It only stopped a few years ago in most places.

Now to top things off, lets consider the number one source of mercury poisoning! Mercury dental fillings. Guess what, all the people who believe they have been poisoned by their fillings have some kind of immune disorder. How silly is it that American dentists continue to defend placing this poison permanently into every ones mouth??

And yet the ADA and Dentists continue to say, "There is simply no scientific evidence that mercury causes any health problems for anyone." Eyes closed, fingers in the ears shouting lalalalalalalalalala...

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