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Menopot Fat vs. Visceral Fat

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:19am

Photo byPedrosimoes

fighting-fat.jpgMiddle-aged women are commonly frustrated with extra weight gain going straight to their buttocks, thighs, and belly. 

If you are attempting to fight off a middle-aged belly, it is important to learn about the two types of fat and whether or not they pose any danger to your health.

Fat No. 1:  Menopot fat.  This is a layer of fat thatlies on top of the abdomen.  It is also referred to as the ”pinch-an-inch” fat and will cause the body to have an ”apple” shape.   It is quite common for women to gain 3-5 pounds of menopot fat around the belly as they reach perimenopause, although men can get it too as they approach age 40.  As long as the weight gain is minimal, chances are menopot fat won’t cause any serious health problems.

What causes menopot fat and how do you get rid of it?Menopot fat develops on women’s hips, thighs, and buttocks during perimenopause due to changing levels of estrogen.  Daily stomach crunches alone won’t get rid of it.  Watch calorie intake and decrease the consumption of white carbohydrates and sugar.  Exercising with aerobics, walking, and weight training will greatly help burn fat. 

Fat No. 2:  Visceral fat.  This is fat thatlies beneath the abdominal wall.  It surrounds vital organs thereby making it much more dangerous than menopot fat.  It increases the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems.  With visceral fat, the abdomen protrudes excessively giving you a “pot belly” or “beer belly” effect. 

What causes visceral fat and how do you get rid of it?

Genetics is partly responsible for visceral fat.  However, a high-saturated fat diet and low physical activity contribute as well.  You can get rid of visceral fat by building muscle through weight lifting or other resistance training as muscles will burn fat.  The more muscles you have, the more fat you’ll burn.

How do you tell the difference between menopot fat and visceral fat?

When lying down, menopot fat will fall to the side while visceral fat will stay raised. 

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