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Men urged to exercise to reduce bladder weakness

Posted Oct 10 2011 5:55pm
Incontinence Products for Men

Issue Codes Incontinence Products for Men

Experts have advised men to exercise regularly in order to improve their overall health and help manage conditions such as bladder weakness.

Recent research by incontinence pads brand Tena Men found that the majority of middle-aged men do not take enough exercise.

Government health experts recommend we do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise on five days per week or more.

But an online survey of 1,008 British men, conducted on behalf of Tena Men, found that two-thirds of over-45s do not meet these exercise guidelines.

The poll also revealed that only one in three men regard themselves as physically fit compared to other men in their age group.

The findings are perhaps surprising considering British men’s love of sports, but it seems that many would rather watch it than participate.

In addition, the survey revealed that many middle-aged men are worried about their overall health – something that could be improved through regular exercise.

Nearly half of respondents said they were worried about developing cancer; more than a quarter were concerned about their prostate health; and one in three dreaded the thought of developing bladder weakness or male incontinence .

Dr Hilary Jones, a spokesman for Tena Men’s ‘Time to Tackle Your Health Campaign’, said: “It is important that men place more importance on their health, especially as they get older.

“A common condition that men experience as they age is bladder weakness, which can be linked to an enlarged prostate or can be triggered by a range of medical conditions as well as other lifestyle factors.”

Men who develop bladder weakness may benefit from performing pelvic floor exercises, which can help to reduce people’s reliance on incontinence supplies , such as Tena Men .

One person who has benefited from the combination of pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises and incontinence pads is Denton Wilson, a 54-year-old bodybuilder from Sheffield, who developed bladder weakness following surgery for prostate cancer.

He revealed: “I was introduced to Tena Men pads and started using them to manage the condition.

“Once I started doing pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises (kegel exercises) and using the pads in combination, things got a lot better for me.”

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