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Medical Drug Recovery

Posted by Alexander Z.

I recently finished eleven months of drug treatment (citalopram, interferon, ribavirin, epogen) to clear my liver of the Hepatitis C virus.

So far things look real good but my body is a wreck.

I've started intensive whole food-based nutrition supplements and am feeling decent compared to just a month ago.

Exercise is my next important component in my recovery from Medical Drugs...

~ Alex

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I'm gonna stick with my plan for FUN during exercise--basketball and Frisbee.....

Thanks for the feedback, Coach!

I have a family friend that has Hepatitis C and he has tried several things, but as far as I know, he's still sick. Where did you go for your drug treatment? He's taking handfuls of vitamins, but he's very tired and it's hard for him to do much.

Ya know, I'm basically against drugs as solutions.

But, when the barn is already on fire and the horses have all died, it's time for emergency measures!

I'm a veteran, so the government picked up the tab (about $100,000) for an eleven month treatment with interferon shots and ribavirin pills. Bad, bad side effects!!!

So, I may not have a barn or horses but I hope I've saved the main house.........

It's not an easy treatment--who really wants to feel crappy and fatigued for almost a year--but it could add years to his life!!

I think you should try this-

The programs which help are you on recovery from the compulsion, depression and many behavioral activities by taking drugs. <A href=>Drug recovery center</A> is offering a program which is comprised of twelve steps which provide the sober and abstemious life to the addicted patients and to the troubled peoples


The drugs were medical prescribed...
I was treated for 48 weeks but i relapsed. I am considering applying for clinical trial.

There's also some new drug treatment that's nearing the end of testing....  Forgot the name...

 I recently had my 6-month blood test and "passed". Of course the virus can "hide" so the one year test will be "interesting..... 


Physicians and nurses of the drug addiction recovery center provide twenty-four hour clinical services to monitor and ensure a safe withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs. Furthermore, a medical staff specializing in drug and alcohol addiction treatment can oversee the progress of each individual and make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan. Most alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs will offer a follow-up program but only in one location which may make it difficult to use. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs should include a quality, continuing care program that supports and monitors recovery. 

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