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medial nerve repair & pain under chest

Posted by jutledu

About four weeks ago i had a two storey fall onto the concrete-i broke both my wrists and my pelvis. im sure i have other injuries on my left side-where i mostly fell.since then i have had a tri-med,pins and plates-put in my left wrist-my middle and ring fingers are numb and get a dull pain when rubbed.i have burning in the middle of my hand,the outside of my arm is numb and gets nerve not sure why i have this,if it will get better or if there's something still wrong.

My shoulder is extremley sore, but they found no bony abnormalities there.for the last 4 weeks i have had a pain in my left chest-right around to my spine. i find it hard to breathe when i lay down-and now i have start taking a deep-involuntary breathe,sort of like the start of a sneeze,but then it just stops,every 20mins or not game to sneeze or even cough yet. The pain seems to be getting worse everyday-especially during the night. im not sure what this could be either.

well thats my little winge, if anyone has any answers or just want to tell me im a bloody idiot for falling off a roof-feel free!)

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