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Me Oh My, Does Your Cold Sore Make You Want To Cry? Natural Solutions & Foods That Can Help Ease Your Pain!

Posted Jan 07 2009 3:00pm
My cold sore is killing me today (I always get one in the winter) so I thought that I would write about natural ways and foods that can help with this. Maybe you are one of those lucky people that doesn ’t get cold sores but if you are like me and you have one each year, here are a few things you can do to help avoid them and shorten their vacation on your mouth.

Foods To Avoid With Cold Sores-Foods high in arginine

Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts
Dark Chocolate
Flax, sesame and most other seeds
Shell type seafood
Oranges, grapes and other fruits and berries-

Basically cutting back on foods that are high in arginine can shorten the healing time of the fever blisters. Adding B12 and folic acid into your diet can also help shorten the healing time.

Foods That May Help With Cold Sores-Foods rich in lysine

Cheeses and Yogurts

A couple easy home remedies that I found atwww.oohoi.comare:

-With clean hands, moisten your fingers and press them into common salt. Apply to the fever blister for 30 seconds or so. Just as gargling warm salt water can help a sore throat and canker sores, placing salt on fever blisters may reduce healing time.

-Apply ice to the sore. When applied for ten minutes approximately every hour, this solution may prevent the cold sore from developing any further. Other substances that you can apply which may help are witch hazel and spirit of camphor.

I think that I am going to give this a try as my cold sore is making me miserable!! I will let you know how it turns out.
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