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Maybe one of us could have saved Heath Ledger--Part 3

Posted May 13 2008 5:32pm

This is the third of four articles that will go over the natural treatment of insomnia, anxiety and depression. We are not suggesting that anyone discontinue their drugs—especially if they are working. But since drugs address symptoms and not the cause of a problem, we can use the information provided by a successful drug therapy to learn about source of the problem. Using natural health care we can then fix the infrastructure of the body and with a little luck, alleviate the symptom.

We have talked about dietary changes and supporting the production of the neurotransmitters. There is another neurotransmitter called gamma amino butyric acid, or GABA. Many tranquilizers work to boost GABA levels. GABA is produced by a series of chemical reactions called the Krebs Cycle. The Krebs cycle is how the body produces energy. The cofactors for it include various B vitamins and magnesium. Too much refined food will make the nutrients necessary to run the Krebs cycles in short supply. This results in fatigue and a craving for sugar and other carbohydrates; and it can result in anxiety. People who feel anxious and have trouble sleeping frequently do well when supplemented with B complex and magnesium.

People who are thiamin (vitamin B1) deficient, for example, will generally have fatigue and depression. They really don’t feel very good much of the time. Often they have feelings of impending doom. They also have a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back to sleep

The point is, someone suffering from insomnia, anxiety or depression, may have some nutrient deficiencies. We tend to think of mental problems as being kind of mysterious. The brain is like the heart, lung, liver, intestine or any other organ. It needs nutrients to ensure proper function. The function of enzymes and neurotransmitters and the integrity of the nerve tissue are all affected by nutrition. When there is chemical imbalance through poor nutrition or any other reason, the brain can be adversely affected; this can manifest itself as depression or anxiety. It is a good strategy to try to make sure that the nutritional needs of the body are provided for before resorting to drugs.

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