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Making Herbal Healing Bundles

Posted by Neva H.

Please note: I have discovered that I must be very careful in presenting information on the spiritual aspects of herbal medicine, for several reasons. First, many assume I am talking about alteratives. I am not. Second, out of respect for Native American, and other indigenious teachings on the subject, I must preface my expression by saying that I do not, in any way, present these teachings as Native-American.

They are the result of my own personal journey with the Plant Nation of herbs.prayerful

For most of my conscious, spiritual awakening life I have tred a path of blended spiritual traditions This embracing of truth where I find it, with little focus on or regard for any dogma attached to any particular path, has always felt nature and good to me. In my awareness, all spiritual paths contain Truth and truth. Truth with a big T meaning divine or universal truth; Truth with a small t meaning man=made law.

I have also, for most of my adult life, relied on natural approaches to healing. I have seldom used prescription drugs and the more I read about prescription drug interactions, the happier I am about that decision. It works for me because I'm willing to be responsible for my own health. Otherwise, it's far better to let the doctor call the shots.

It has consistently been the herbals and nutritionals which have provided the cleansing, relaxing, rejuvenating and healing properties to which my body could respond most readily. In addition to spiritual and energy medicine approaches, I rely on God's gracious gifts in the plant kingdom.

Spirit has shown me that the Plant Kingdom carries very
strong, if subtle, energy medicine for us that can permeate all the levels of our existence — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It was after I had studied herbology for several years that I began to understand a new way of approaching the medicines within the plants, flowers, shrubs and trees of the planet.

It was a sort of “spiritual herbology” that began to manifest for me. It involved approaching the plants as living manifestations of healing lifeforce energy, with respect and with intent. I experienced a powerful shift from simply taking an herb to praying with it, focusing my intent on what I wished it to do, and working with it in a “medicine” or “energy” way. What a difference!

I learned so much by this attitude. I learned that a minute amount of the same herb I had once taken for weeks would still work, if I took it in ceremony with prayers and intent. I learned that just praying with the herbs would release their medicines to me, though it was preferrable to also have the herbs within my physical body as well.

I once made my own herbal tinctures, salves and linaments. My schedule no longer permits this but I still work with essential oils, which I consider the life blood of the plant and with various homeopathic herbals and tinctures.

I became familiar with Flower Essences too, after hearing abou them for years and being rather dismissive of them, thinking that they were only holograms of the real thing and could not be potent. I was wrong. I began to realize that the essence was like the Spirit of the
plant, or the etheric template. As such, it worked powerfully with my own etheric template. Essences were more auric medicines that filtered down into the physical field, rather than the other way around like whole plant medicines. I have used Bach, Perelandra and other essences, and enjoy them very much. I have additionally
worked, both alone and in partnership with a dear friend, to create flower essences, as well as other types of homeopathics.

In every new experience with the herbal and plant kingdom, I was further renewed in knowledge, vibrational stability and healing. I believe anyone can
receive the blessings of the Plant Nation by working with them in this very simple but powerful way.

How to Make Herbal Heaing Bundles:

The process for making an Herbal Healing Bundle is very easy, but requires focused intent to be successful. If making the bundle for someone other than myself, I start by doing a little research.

If the person is struggling with specific physical problems, I start with herbs that address the problem on a physical level, that is herbs with medicinal properties that, if taken internally, would begin to address the challenge directly.

However, after choosing those medicinal herbs, by medicinal property, I don’t necessarily assume that all those plants want to work with this particular person. I use inner guidance and ask which ones to include of those that are appropriate.

One way to do this is through muscle-testing, on behalf of the person for whom you are making the bundle or, if you have affinity with the Plant Devas, ask directly which is what I do most of the time. I find there is a willingness to be included when I hold each plant, or there is not a willingness.

Asking involves holding the plant or thinking of it, and sending out a request for some type of sign that the plant is to be included, or left out of the bundle. Some feel energy in their body, like a tingling, warmth or cold, if the answer is yes. Others may hear a tone or just get an intuitive sensing. Visionaries may actually see the Plant Deva and receive the answer directly.

If you, or the person for whom you are making the healing herb bundle, is dealing with more than one challenge, then it might be appropriate to choose herbs for each challenge that is mentioned.

The herbs must be either purchased, wildcrafted or donated by the person who requests the healing bundle. I wouldn’t concern myself too much if you can’t find wildcrafted. Yes, they are naturally more potent but I find when prayer and intent are offered up from a sincere heart, the original potency of the herb can be restored by the Plant Deva that lives in it. During that process,
you will decide which ones to use, either by muscle testing or communication with the Plant Spirits themselves, as described in the above paragraph.

Only a minute amount of each herb is needed for each herbal bundle since the energetic vibration of the Plant is complete in every part of the plant. Just a pinch of each will make it’s way to the bundle.

If I’m making the bundle for myself, the same still applies. You will also need a small piece of cotton cloth (in whatever color feels right to you — each color has a vibration and you will instinctively pick the vibration you need for the particular bundle being made) —
and some cotton twine to tie the bundle.

If preferred, the bundle may be placed in a leather pouch when completed.

Now, after the herbs have been chosen and prayed with (the number seven has special significance and it is good to pray with the plants for seven days, prior to making the bundle.

Your prayers should be for healing at all levels, if it is your desire to truly heal at the level that would make it permanent. I find that the Plants respond well to specific requests, since most of them can work in more than one way so if it is blood purification that is needed, for example, then I entreat the Plant Spirit that could effect that cause to work in that specific way.

After praying for seven days, you are ready to make the
bundles. Have something ready for smudging beforehand
(White Sage is my favorite but Cedar or Sweetgrass are
also good). Also, you will need your cloth square (this
should also have been prayed with, along with the herbs), some cotton twine and scissors.

When you have smudged everything, and are ready to begin, take a small pinch of each herb individually. Pray with each one before placing it into the center of the bundle. When all the herbs are in the bundle, grasp the four corners of the cloth and pull together so that you can twist the top, and secure the herbs in the middle. Then, tie the cloth with the twine, so that you have formed a pocket in the center, where the herbs are contained.

This is your bundle.

How to use Herbal Healing Bundles:
It may be burned in a healing ceremony, carried with
the person, prayed with, or left on the altar. Each person should use intuitive knowing as to how the bundle will best facilitate healing for them.

Another excellent way to use the bundles is as one would a feather, crystal or in the way of smudging.

The herbal healing bundle can be placed over the area
of the body that needs healing, and vibrational frequency
of the plants will engage to draw out the toxins.

However, plant medicine is comprehensive and, along with whatever physical toxins that are removed, will flush up emotional, mental and spiritual factors that must be dealt with actively by the person, for permanent healing to occur.

It is best to give clear attention to emotions and ways of thinking that surface while using the
bundles. These will give wonderful clues as to what needs to be addressed for the healing to be total and permanent.

You may create herbal healing bundles for all kinds of different applications and I urge you to spend a lot of
time in quiet meditation and also out in nature with the
Plant Devas, asking to be shown how this particular
medicine will best work in your life and in your path
of service to others.

I am sometimes called to use herbal bundles
during healing sessions and if you are a body
worker you may benefit from creating a personal
healing bundle to be used only with your work.

In this particular bundle, you will want to select
herbs that are conducive to healing and helpful
for clearing your auric field before and after.

I used to have a personal healing bundle that I used
in my healing facilitation work. I no longer use tools
much at all as I feel I’ve integrated the Herbal Medicines
within by now. However, for a long time, it was a great,
great help to me and to the partners-in-healing who
came to me for help.

I included a great many herbs in my personal
bundle for healing work, over 150 in fact. I would call
on whatever medicines might be needed from within
the bundle to come forth at the time of the session.

I was sometimes guided to place the bundle at certain
areas of the body and leave it for a while, to soak up
toxic residue and clear the etheric template in that

You may find that your bundle guides you
differently. It is a powerful tool for those who
resonate with the Plant Deva energies and do body
work or healing work and can help you align with the
frequencies of the Plant Nation within yourself as well.

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