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Make up -- Need Suggestions

Posted by Kenna M.

Okay. I need to seriously take a look at restocking my make up. Should I go natural or stick with the dependable Macy's fancy, smancy brands. Any suggestions?
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Mineral makeup. You can order anything you need online if you want to forego the hassle of going to the department stores. Personally, I love mineral makeup like Bare Essence or Bare Escentuals, because it glides on lightly and it doesn't clog pores the way other makeup does. These lines also have wonderful, moisture-rich lipsticks. I usually get my makeup from Sephora--the sheer variety is a godsend.
Natural. Having just read about the lead found in many major lipstick brands I am going to say go natural. I have started going more natural in my face cream and I am planning on replacing my mainstream make-up with more "natural" alternatives when I run out. Now, I don't necessarily think all "chemicals" are bad - since natural products are still made from chemicals! However, companies that focus on "natural" and "organic" tend to be more environmental in their business practices. For that reason alone I think it is better to go natural.
NO MORE HARMFUL MAKEUP. Its crazy- here we are in the US, expecting that everything we buy must be tested and approved- unfortuantely thats not the case- Check out the environmental working group's database- it looks at almost all of the makeup (and sunscreen, and shampoo, etc.) brands and lets you know what is in them, what is harmful for you, and what you should buy- Your best bet is probably to go to Whole Foods Market and buy makeup there- or find a brand that looks good and buy it online- they may be a bit more expensive, but you won't have to worry about ingredients that are linked to cancer or reproductive problems
What are you looking for?. I have judged many beauty pageants. I love Bare Essentuals when I have bad breakouts. However, because it doesn't have waxes or oils, the "finsh" for photographs is BAD. Just take a look at Leslie Blodgett when she's doing an infomercial-- very oily and unprofessional looking. When you have to look your best, foundations by Laura Mercier give a nice finish, also Alexis Vogel's cream foundation is great for photos. Dior eyeshadow has appealing matte and satin finishes that adapt to fine makeup brushes and offer more professional makeup artist control.
Go Natural. I think if you ever go with Bare Escentuals you'll never go back to regular makeup. If you aren't sure about it they'll do a free makeover at Sephora and you can try it out.
Great information, thank you so much.  I will look into all these resources and Bare Essentuals or Escentuals.
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