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Make sure that you eat the various sources of dietary polyphenol.

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:58pm

Dietary polyphenols are the most abundant antioxidants in human diets and are the secondary metabolites of plants. They are subdivided in to groups. The first one is the phenolic acids with the subclasses such as gallic, caffeic, ferulic and coumaric acid. The second is the large flavonoid subclass, which includes the flavonols, flavones, isoflavones, flavanones, anthocyanidins, and flavanols.

The main dietary sources of polyphenol include some of fruits, vegetables, and beverages. The review literatures of Xiuzhen Han, Tao Shen and Hongxiang Lou in Dietary Polyphenols and Their Biological Significance shows the classification and sources of dietary polyphenols. For example, pomegranate juice is a source of flavonoid subclass anthocyanidins, and orange is a rich source of phenolic acids.

This review not only shows sources of dietary polyphenols but also their antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties that very helpful for manage foods in scleroderma treatment.

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