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Mainstream Media Targets Spinal Fusion

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:54pm

This blog post over at EIM highlighted a decent " PT as an alternative" research article regarding back pain. Simultaneously, I was reading the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Health Blog about the famous geographic variability in spinal fusion rates. The Times piece, entitled, "Healthcare as if costs didn't matter" made the case that perhaps many of the procedures could be unnecessary. Even more, it ties this issue into the Presidential Campaign. Now that's an issue at the forefront!

Well, neither piece completed the equation that Physical Therapy might be the alternative the market is looking for (but doesn't yet realize it.) However, there were some comments on the WSJ post that rather progressively mentioned Evidence-Based Practice. I lack the marketing power or savvy I presume it would require, but it would be great to jump all over the topic from a PT marketing standpoint.

It would be amazing if the spinal surgery issue became the "poster child" for healthcare reform and the profession of Physical Therapy was ready to pounce and announce to the world that we have the low cost solution!

Are we ready??? Who's with me?

Labels: health policy, physical therapy, PT Publicity Project

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