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lymph glands swollen in neck and swell along to stomach feel dizzy spaced out freezing sensations on parts of body

Posted by keeping head up

 after dr burst cyst on abdomen got a freezing cold sensation there - also stomach area felt as though it had become bloated.  about 3 days later had heat travel round my body then turn to freezing cold.  sometimes when i breath it feels like pure ice travelling around my body.  i get freezing sensations in my left ear and cheeck, when i breath internally area just before stomach.  feel best when dont eat/drink.  feel as though i swell after eating and this sensation can be in my back with pain also / neck and down to stomach (this is much worse if solid food such as a sandwich is eaten).  also the roof of my mouth is periodically swells and goes down - also feel spaced out.  when went to dentist as she worked strange sensations in mouth with trembling - dont know what to do
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