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lump or swelling(it's hard to tell) at the base of my neck in the spine area

Posted by Christie C.

It does not hurt all the time, but it is uncomfortable and when I lift or reach it begins to hurt.
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See a Doctor immediately, it could be just a swollen gland... but it could also be something worse. About 10 years ago I has some swelling in the neck I went to see a doctor, it ended up being a very serious and aggressive form of cancer (actually listed as one of the most aggressive types in the human body). With out medical help I would have had only a few weeks to live, if I was lucky. But because I went to seek medical treatment immediately and did a lot of praying (to the God of the Holy Bible the good and perfect one, not some imaginary cruel God that most religions preach), I am alive and well with no signs or symptoms of cancer. I'm not writing this to scare you but to let you know that time is a very important factor if it is serious, and a timely appointment to a doctor will not hurt if it is not serious. If it turns out to be cancer remember it is 2000 ad+ and today many cancers are very treatable.
Ive heard that if it moves around when you touch it (if its a lump) then it is most likely just a cyst. If it feels like it is attached to something it may need to be looked into a little more. If it is swelling it could be excess tissue. At the end of the day it needs to be checked out even if it is only for your own peace of mind. But don't stress its probably nothing however like they say no lump should be ignored.
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