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Lump on tonsil

Posted by ketchup2me

 For the past 4 months I have had a soft, flesh colored, irregular lump on my right tonsil. It is painless but because it is 1/4 inch in diameter (although not perfectly round) it is causing difficulty swallowing. Also, my throat stays sore and if I get excited or talk too much it gets worse and sometimes very hoarse and raspy. I cannot find anything on the internet that even looks similar at all. Is it possible this is cancerous? I am a smoker of 20+ years.
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Even if the lump is benign (biopsy would show that), it's size and location are enough of a hindrance and a potential threat to your health. Smoking could turn the benign growth into malignant. You should definitely see a doctor, monitor the state of the lump, and depending on doctor's findings and advice, the overall health of your tonsils, have them removed, as a cancer or choking preventive.

Thank you for that advice, Vlasta D.  I do not have health coverage because it's so expensive and, being the mother/wife I am, I opted out of coverage so as my husband could be covered. We just simply don't have the extra money for insurance right now for me. This has actually proven to be a bad decision on my part as that now almost all of my health issues are rearing their proverbial ugly head. The lump on my tonsil has begun to cause me to get choked when eating and my tongue seems to be weak on that side. I don't know if it is related, but I recently have developed a swelling in the top of my neck that I can see and feel and I've started having sweats and chills that occur all day and night. I don't think it's hot flashes because I had those for 8 years even while on HRT and I never had sweats that felt like this. And the chills, oh my lord the chills are freezing me to the bone! I don't know how I will get these things checked as I don't have the insurance, but you have at least helped me further confirm my suspicions that this is something I should possibly be concerned about. Thanks again for your advice and I will post if I find what it is. God bless.


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