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Lower back pain

Posted by Larissa

About two months ago I hurt my lower back on my left side while rock climbing. I didn't realize it until the next morning, but I guess I stretched too far to get a hold of the next rock.

I was hoping it would heal on its own, but apparently that's not going to happen. It hurts while driving (I drive a manual, so it hurts when I put the clutch in), while sitting and sometimes walking.

It looks like I'll have to get a professional massage. Anyone else have any other ideas?

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I have a lower back injury on the right side. I was in physical therapy for quite some time to help me deal with it. Perhaps that something you should look into.
I took a hard fall a couple of year back and went to see my massage therapist that afternoon. I didn't even get sore. I had fallen face down on pavement so hard that my brow bone broke the lens in my glasses. I think a massage is definitely in order. Accupuncture or a relexologist would be close runners up.
Thanks for all the info! I will look into getting a massage and/or reflexology.

Massage will probably help the most, as well as alternating between ice and heat. A soak in a hot bath using epson salts should also be beneficial. Add some lavender salts or oil for relaxation.

Biruta K.

So I was all set to make an appointment for a massage and I just realized today, there's no more pain! I went rock climbing last week and the week prior and it seems it worked itself out. Next time I won't wait so long to get a massage, but it seems my theory worked this time.

If you've over stressed your muscles, massage will make you feel better. You might also consult with a physical therapist, chiropractor and/or acupuncturist.

A PT or chiropractor will be able to assess the extent of your injury and give you exercises that will help your strengthen and stretch your back muscles. If you need additional intervention, they will also be able to help.

An acupuncturist will help the muscles heal and help you deal with the discomfort.

Movemen is also healing - working with a Feldenkrais practitioner will also help you learn to move in more efficent ways so that you will be able to avoid future injury. People who have experienced injuries respond very well to Feldenkrais work.

Hope you feel better soon!

Try using one of those stadium seats when sitting in a soft chair. If it is your siatic (sp) nerve this may help. You can find them at a sporting goods store. They're just a flat seat with a back.

If it's your siatic nerve get one of those stadium seats when sitting in a soft chair. You can get them at a sporting goods store. It's just a seat with a back so you have support when sitting in the bleachers but it works for this too.

I was injured 1 1/2 yrs ago due to a fall. I have been thru chiropractors, pain management, and accupunture,physical therapy and still I hurt. Some days are better than others. I wish you a speady recovery!

Oh I like Pixie's reply. And I'm sorry to be so late in on this.

Quadratus Lumborum was half of my first thought. My other thought was perhaps an over-stretched ligament stabilizing the sacrum. In the first case muscles in spasm are really no fun no matter where they are. In the second case, releasing any spasms in surrounding musculature would be wonderful but stretching a ligament that's already been stretched only feels great in the moment. It is intensely more painful in 72 hours. Hopefully just muscle.

By now you've seen someone and all is "well"?

Years ago I was in a car wreck and herniated two disc's in my lower back and one in my upper back. The only think that helped was going to a chiropractor after a few weeks, I was off all pain medication. Now, my main pain is from Fibromyalgia. When I am in the car, I turn on the heated seats (if it is in the summer...crank up the ac) and that helps. Good luck

Hi, Larisa.

I'm familiar with back pain. Have you considered physical therapy? It's done me a world of good.


Have you used ice and heat???

Ice the area for no more than twenty minutes and then heat. Try that for a week or two. If you improving, continue for another week or two. If it doesn't go away or you are not improving, you should see a doctor, physical therapist, acupuncture, or a massage.

Assuming that you have been worked up for anything serious and they have not found anything, my suggestion is that you read the book "Healing Back Pain" by Dr. Sarno. It is Literally a MIRACLE to read his book and get better because you begin to realize the root cause of your back pain.

My fiance called me crying from the surgeon's after he scheduled emergency surgery for a herniated disk. I bought him the book and he was about 20% better the next day  and cancelled surgery.

A year and a half later he has minor occasional flare ups that he manages with Tylenol, but is otherwise fine - no surgery. Only the book. I can't recommend it enough.

Kerri Knox,RN

Functional Medicine Practitioner


If your back pain continues, ask to have an MRI- there may be a disc issue involved.

Hi, Larisa,

Massages are a good way of getting rid of back pain, if that doesnt work you should see a doctor to see if it is something more serious  causing  the pain.



I think you have to consult a physiotherapist.. You can also go for back pain management program in that i came to know through my friend.. Other postural exercises are also given through this website.. Hope this can help  you..

I can fix most difficult and chronic pain in one or two treatments.

Charlotte 10 days after 1 treatment. She had been disabled for 20 years.

This is Charlotte 10 months after a total of 2 treatments. She's still

Extreme Pain Cured!

 Most causes of pain, i.e. back, knee, shoulder, etc. are due to muscle imbalances.  A professional such as a Chiropractor, good massage therapist and rehab expert specializing in biomechanics is your best overall route for good long term success.  Check out "Lower Cross Syndrome" as described by Vladamir Janda, M.D.  The "Lower Cross" pattern shows patterns of muscles that tend to tighten and muscles that are prone to become weak.

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