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Low white blood cell count -Vitamin D deficiency

Posted by Sven1960

my wife has low blood pressure, allergies and taking valtrex for cold sores in her nose. A recent blood test revealed a very low white blood cell count and vitamin D deficiency. She's 46 years old and has never been an energetic person. She says she's hypoglycemic and also low estrogen-progesterine levels which she is using a progesterine cream. Is there any connection to the low WBC count-low Vitamin D to her listlessness and low drive?
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Look into Parathyroid Tumor.  This site takes about the correlation between low Vit D and High Calcium.  Has she ever been tested for calcium levels? I have low vit D, High Calcium, and low WBC. I'm getting my blood work done tomorrow to test for Parathyroid Hormone. The site above explains it all well. 
I always wonder when there is a vitamin deficiency, but the person eats a healthy, balanced diet, if perhaps a food allergy isn't at the bottom of it.  A food allergy can damage the small intestine, which is the organ that pulls nutrients from food and prepares them for use in the body. If the small intestine isn't working efficiently vitamin deficiencies can result, as well as an immune system response (inflammation). If this goes on for years and years a person can have a low white blood cell count from an overtaxed immune system, and other symptoms like vitamin deficiency and low energy. I suggust your wife see a naturopath or food allergy specialist for a work up. (FYI, I am not a doctor. See a doctor for a diagnosis.)
Thank you very much. She has been taking extra Vitamin D for a month but her blood tests showed low levels of Estrogen and testosterone. She is 46 and has been taking progesterine cream twice a day to regulate but hasn't improved her energy. Since she's hypoglycemic, low blood pressure, has allergies with a low functioning thyroid it seems we just need to knock out one symptom at a time.


vitamin D receptors are inside many cells, and because of these receptors vitamin D actually regulates gene expression.  these receptors are inside many white blood cells, so if vitamin D is low, then WBC's will logically also be low


Dr. Brandie Gowey, NMD


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