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Low White Blood Cell and Vitamin D the causes could be?

Posted by jerrylandry2

I'm a 43 yo Male, who has had low WBC for the last year or so. Diabetic (Type II); on Actos 30mg daily. Under control with an A1C @ 6.6. Each time I get tested (every six months, or so) my WBC gets lower and lower (was at 2200, currently at 1400) I've been told normal is 4000 - 4500.

Cholesterol is at 144 and blood pressure is a perfect 120/79.

My doctor had also found that my Vitamin D levels are almost non-existent, so he added prescription strength (50,000IU) Vit D supplements once a week. I also have blood in the urine (not visible, but was detected through tests) and blood in the stool.

I'm on Percocet 10Mg (40Mg per day) and Avinza (120Mg per day) for a back surgery in Jan 2007. Recovery has been very slow and painful; prior does of 300Mg Oxycodone, Actiq (800Mcg) and use of Fentanyl patches. I'm very proud of the fact I've got down to 40Mg per day on my own.

My doctor is very good - but will not speak about 'possibilities' only the facts; every two weeks they've been drawing blood for further tests; this last time, they laid me down to draw 22 vials of blood for tests!

I feel fine, but have been a bit sleepier than normal (12-14 hours per night); I work for myself and work has been fine (no depression). After big meals I have pains just below my breast-plate bone that makes me nauseas.

What could possibly be wrong with me? I know I'll find out within the next few weeks; but the wait is killing me (figuratively of course)!



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