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Loss of sensation on top of right big toe, followed by intense burning needles

Posted by seti1

I have had a loss of sensation on the top of my right big toe for over 2 years. When gently touched, it feels like I'm touching someone else's toe. If I attempt to manipulate the toe (anything more than a gentle stroke with a finger), I get an intense "burning needles" sensation from what seems to be radiating from just under the skin. The burning needles-like  sensation lingers for several minutes after any type of manipulation. No swelling or discoloration is evident. I've learned to live with it, assuming it was the result of some damage I suffered as a kid. But now I'm beginning to feel some numbness in my left shin. They may not be related, and I hope that by including my shin pain I'm not clouding the waters of a potential toe diagnosis. Any suggestions? 
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