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Losing Teeth

Posted Jan 24 2010 12:00am

Little Miss went to the dentist this past week.  $450 out of pocket, but that is not the story this time.

Since she eats nothing, or next to nothing, by mouth, there is virtually ZERO risk of cavities.  We still get her teeth cleaned once a year to make sure all is well.

Dr. Wonderful-Dentist  said “Her other front tooth (see photo for the one tooth in front look) is VERY close to popping through! Her smile will be so pretty!  

AND she has six loose baby teeth!”

Today Little Miss complained of her tooth hurting.  Yesterday when she complained, an ice pack took care of the pain.  Not today!  Tylenol didn’t help either.

Little Miss  moaned and paced the floor.  She stopped suddenly and gagged twice. Little Miss then sighed heavily and smiled! The pain was gone!

We had heard something skitter across the floor after her second  gag.  We looked around and spotted a little white thing on the floor half way across the room.  YES!  It was her tooth.

Extraction by gagging, followed by a smile.  I’m going to tell the dentist about this new method.  Maybe she’ll use it with other patients!

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