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Lose Those Cravings-Pinch And Think Them Away-Really

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:08am
As anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows, I love sweets (chocolate in particular) and of course to be healthy I need to find ways to have my sweets in moderation (no fun but must be done). I recently came across a couple of interesting ways to possibly tackle this constant craving of sweets that are not painful and easy to do so I thought I would share these tidbits with you.

Thinking It Away-Stop obsessing over the object of your desire

Have you ever noticed that the more you think about something the more you want it(in my opinion this holds true for food and that one person who is always elusive to you)? Well, now new data suggest this also holds true for chocolate. Researchers told 67 women to either think freely about the chocolate or suppress their thoughts of it-then gave them chocolate to eat. The thought suppressors consumed about 50 percent more than the unrestricted thinkers. This is worth a shot but I am not sure how this is going to work for me because thinking or trying to not think of chocolate makes me want chocolate. Basically I want chocolate all the time.

Pinching Away Those Cravings-Literally

Looking for an ancient Chinese secret to help you fight those cravings? Try pinching your nostrils or earlobes for 10 seconds and those cravings will pass (I tried this and it worked for me-but don’t pinch too hard ). Apparently the nostrils and earlobes are acupressure points that help to suppress cravings.

Give these a try and let me know what you think. So far so good for me!
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