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Living with Tourette’s Syndrome with Johnny Bahar

Posted Dec 19 2009 10:01pm

MATURE AUDIENCE-Due to involuntary cursing today’s show is Mature Audience only

“Johnny is an amazing person! I was so honored to be able to interview him. His book “The Other Me” touched me to my soul. Johnny never gave up and still today is out there trying to help others understand more about Tourette’s Syndrome. I highly recommended Johnny’s book “The Other Me” for anyone who wants to learn more about Tourette’s Syndrome. The strength this man shows everyday; how he didn’t let anything stand in his way plus his great sense of humor is truly inspiring”-Rebbbekah White

Born in Afghanistan, exiled to Pakistan by the invading Russian army, Johnny Bahar and his family eventually moved to India and from there to America.

The Other Me-Johnny Bahar

The Other Me-Johnny Bahar

In his  book The Other Me, Johnny tells the fascinating story of his life and of his struggles with Tourette’s syndrome. The involuntary tics and twitches and cursing caused by Tourettes made Johnny, for many years, the butt of bullies and social outcast. Misunderstood, feared and harassed by even ordinary people, as well as transformed into a Dracula-like figure by the terrible medicine he was told to take, he spent most of his youth getting expelled from school and hiding out in his bedroom.

Many times, in fits of despair, he attempted to take his own life. But with the constant support of his family, with the special love of a woman who would become his wife, and with his own remarkable blend of determination, courage, humor and faith, Johnny slowly emerged from self-imposed exile to began to live a more “normal” life. He is now the father to three beautiful daughters.

His central message to his readers is to respect and have compassion for every person, whatever his or her appearance, background or limitations. This is one of the funniest and most disturbing books you will ever read. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to learn about the trials and triumphs of living a life with Tourette’s.

To purchase “The Other Me” go to or contact Johnny Bahar for a personalized autographed copied.

For more information you can visit Johnny’s new site “ I Have Tourette’s Radio “. Johnny will soon be launching a new radio show dedicated to sharing with the world information about Tourette’s to better help people understand the syndrome.

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