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Living the best I can ...

Posted Apr 26 2011 10:29am
So here's a slice from a latest MRI. More stuff than ever but it doesn't really matter ... it is what it is.

The main thing I am dealing with is a LOT of joint pain (mainly thumbs, hands, feet, and hips, knees). My endocrinologist decided that it would be wise to run a bunch of blood tests for Lyme to Lupus and everything in between. I'm just waiting. He mentioned that I don't need another autoimmune disease to tag along. Got it doc ... I don't want it. Just make the pain stop, ok?

On a really good note, I've been digging deeply into the hobby of Ham Radio (in my Dad's foot steps). I've never had so much fun and this is really an all encompassing hobby that just lets me get involved in so many different things. That's good, and it's a great distraction.

On the medical side of things, I am set to see my neurologist in early May and I guess we will determine in the brain MRI means anything or not. Gotta say, so many years without visible lesions has been a great head start for me. I started Copaxone in 2002 and it's been good. I am becoming a lot less mobile and a bit more wobbly (it's kind of funny actually). I look a little drunk sometimes. Oh well ... watcha gonna do?

I've been neglectful on the blog. Just thought I would mention the Ham radio hobby because it's something I can actually stick to, requires some brain power and does not hurt my hands or feet (Flamenco has become impossible). It allows me to socialize too. Looking forward to more life in that realm.

In ham speak "73" - best wishes!

PS - Tinnitus is still active, but more so when the hearing aid in my left ear is taken out. I guess the brain is trying to fill in the hearing gaps. At least I can live with squealing tinnitis in small bouts (when the aid is out). It was the constant ring-a-ling-ling that was driving me insane. The white crackling noise of Ham Radio static is actually somewhat soothing.
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