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Little Miss Strictly

Posted Oct 07 2010 12:00am
After feeling really distended and unwell last night I did some googling on heart failure and was pretty shocked and a bit overwhelmed.  I think my recent symptoms are as a result of a myriad of problems but I am determined to find things I can still control.  So onwards and upwards today starting with a very low sodium and sugar diet and stricter meal times in sync with my medication needs.  Its tough, hard and quite annoying if the truth be told but I feel it has to be done.  A bit like the Strictly Come Dancing contestants (my absolute fave programme at the moment, its strict training that will lend itself to good results.  Its almost like I am taking part too! Yay!

                                                   An image of someone diagnosed with heart failure

My day was spent noting down my fluid and food intake and using a straw with my drinks to help me control my fluid even more.  This is all very difficult to do when at work and is often where I fall down. Even those good days when I manage a short drive, I usually end up so frazzled and stressed that I drink more than I should at a particular time of day and I fail to leave enough for the rest of the day.

I am pleased that there are less hospital trips in the coming weeks as that has been really difficult lately.  A break is always nice and helps me to feel a bit 'normal' once more.

I managed a few phone calls today but did my usual trick of running out of breath when reading out a '16-digit number' when speaking to card company.  I just can't do it even post transplant.  Oh well, its what I'm used to.  Its usually around digit 5 that I have to take a fairly long pause to compose myself to continue the reading.

This week I have been too poorly to even do my few hours at work and that does upset me.  But as a very dear friend noted, I seem to have a different and more mature approach to my health and I do know when enough's enough!  Its almost been like a body shut down and I couldn't keep going with the odd component still running.  I need to keep right tiptop before even thinking about the piggy flu jab.  I usually do react with the flu jab with a bout of flu for a week or two.  They only really give you the jab if you're well so, I need to keep working on this 'wellness mission'.

I may have mentioned that I am now a feature writer for Adori Graphics .  My first article is going to be posted in November but I will get you the date when I know more.  This wonderful company create fantastic digital scrapbooks!!  Do pop along and see which you like...they are a real bargain and you can create all sorts of books for birthday pics, about friends, a special event, a holiday...I have had a go with my first page and its very addictive!!  I think my 30th birthday photographs will look great in a digital scrapbook and is a great distraction from some of the current pain I have, so I'm off to complete my first ever one!  Wish me luck :-)
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