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Lipstick May Contain Lead

Posted by Stephanie B.

A consumer group recently found that many popular brands of lipstick contain lead. Talk about toxic kisses!

I guess I am not surprised, but it just reminds me that it's a good idea to support make-up companies that are a bit more health-oriented and environmentally conscious.

I already use organic moisturizer, and I had been considering switching my make-up to an organic company. I believe this news story is a wake-up call to be wary of cosmetics in general.

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Many people are conscious of what they put into their body and trying to buy all organic, but we forget to think about what we put on our body. It's important to think about make-up, lotions, etc. I don't wear make-up, but a friend reminded me that bacteria grows on make-up overtime. Eye products should be thrown out after 4 - 6 months and face products should be thrown out after a year.
I've heard about the concept of toxic makeup also. If we have a good diet to begin with, usually we wouldn't really have a need for makeup because we'd have clearer skin. I had no idea about the shelf life of eye makeup... I'm glad I came across your posting! It's scary that such common household, everyday products for women can be so harmful... many of us just trust that they've been tested and are perfectly fine. Yikes.

I'm not sure if Bare Esentuals has a mineral lipstick. It's something to look into. Like we don't have enought to worry about right? I know I feel better using their all natural foundation. Toxic or not, I'm not giving up my lipstick! Is that awful?

Here are my 3 top tips for mastering make up.

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