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Link Between Cholesterol & Cancer

Posted Jun 09 2014 10:07pm

A generally established factor for heart disease, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is known as the “bad” cholesterol.   Thomas Grewal, from the University of Sydney (Australia), and colleagues have identified that LDL cholesterol controls the trafficking of tiny vessels which also contain integrins – molecules that are thought to help cancer cells to metastasize.  Observing that high amounts of 'bad' cholesterol seem to help the integrins in cancer cells to move and spread, the researchers also found that high levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol, kept integrins inside cells and may therefore protect against cancer cell spread.  Observing that  malignant cancer cells are known to take up increased amounts of 'bad' LDL cholesterol,” the study authors submit that: “fine-tuning of cholesterol levels at the [trans-Golgi network recycling endosomes] … may play a regulatory role in cell migration and invasion.”

Meritxell Reverter, Carles Rentero, Ana Garcia-Melero, Monira Hoque, Thomas Grewal, Carlos Enrich, et al.  “Cholesterol Regulates Syntaxin 6 Trafficking at trans-Golgi Network Endosomal Boundaries.”  Cell Reports, Volume 7, Issue 3, 8 May 2014, Pages 883-897.

About an hour of ballroom dancing 3 days a week, for 3 months, resulted in a 50% improvement in balance and fall reduction.
Sugar sweetened beverages such as sodas and juice cocktails may elevate blood pressure.
Regularly engaging in walking can help to maintain healthy heart rate variability, among men and women ages 60 and older.
Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) exerts a negative effect on the mechanism that controls cell migration – including that involved in cancer metastasis.
By reducing levels of cortisol – the stress hormone, humor and laughter may help combat aging-related memory loss.
Triclosan spurs the growth of human breast cancer cells in lab dishes and breast cancer tumors in mice.
Consuming pistachio nuts may improve cardiovascular markers, without causing weight gain.
Stem cells taken from teeth can grow to closely resemble nerve cells of the brain, suggesting they could one day be used in the brain as a therapy for stroke.
Light physical activity every day may help people with or at-risk of knee arthritis to avoid developing disabilities as they age.
Proteins containing selenium exert an important antioxidant role in human health.
Triclosan spurs the growth of human breast cancer cells in lab dishes and breast cancer tumors in mice.
Marinating meats in beer before grilling them helps to reduce levels of cancer-causing compounds.
Falcarinol, a compound found abundantly in carrot and parsley, inhibits transport mechanisms in the body that select what compounds are absorbed into the body,
One particular compound present in the invisible remains of cigarette smoke may cling to DNA to potentially cause cancer.
A noninvasive test that detects the genetic abnormalities related to cancer may greatly improve the effectiveness of colon cancer screening.
Engaging in sports for more than an hour day may reduce the risk of contracting breast cancer, regardless of women's age and weight.
Death rates are higher among cancer patients who also have diabetes.
A derivative of vitamin A has been shown to revert pre-cancerous breast cells back into normal, healthy breast cells.
Currently available drugs may help women at high risk of breast and ovarian cancers avoid the need for radical preventive surgery.
Compounds in peaches may inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells and their ability to spread.
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