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Lifestyle Changes Part 3: Attitude!

Posted Dec 23 2010 12:00am

Hi there all.

Well, let’s just come out and say it as this is the basic subject of this third part in my series about Lifestyle Changes, and that is this very simple statement of fact…

And just to prove my point…check out this pure venom video that I did yesterday afternoon…

A pretty angry video was it not…well that’s what happens when you feel like everything is crashing down around you and your back is against the wall and you all of a sudden experience an…wait for it…that’s right…an

As I try to change over my whole way of earning a living, my attitude certainly has started to come into play as an important, motivational factor. It’s very easy to stay at home, become complacent and maybe even a bit comfortable as I become used to the role of a stay at home / work from home husband…and this is not the type of attitude/ approach I can afford to have.

Ideally, I need to wake up everyday, with the proper mind set and naturally also having the proper attitude…but just what factors can effect our Attitude anyway?

  • -Yes this may seem like a very large topic to handle and it really is, but I’m going to just dumb it down for now ( no offense intended towards anyone…this is just for my own convenience right now ) but honestly, if you are in a total state of flux…like you’ve just lost your job and everything that was dependent on the fact that you really needed that income is just a huge Gorilla wrench, not a small monkey wrench thank you than your present state of being basically sucks as this major issue will also effect…
  • - which was the first topic that I covered in this series and as far as I’m concerned your sleep patterns are a very strong factor that plays very heavily into this whole mix. Certainly missing several hours of rest and having terrible sleep habits is going to be a direct factor on attitude.
  • -okay, I cannot state enough just how large a factor that depression can play when it comes to having a positive attitude…and I know this from my own first hand experience just from being a factory worker for most of my working life. Honestly at my last job at Belmay, I would literally walk around feeling depressed most of the work day, I hated working there…even though it was a steady paycheck and I really did not have to work that hard at the job. The problems I had there were a lack of accomplishment, a lack of feeling as if what I did mattered, and everyone else around me felt pretty much felt the same way I did, while maybe not being very depressed, they certainly were not happy with the job and the lack of pay and the fact that there were no raises to be had,  and the worst factor for me, actually had a lot to do with the actual factory floor’s lighting. I was really not a bright light, the lights were actually incandescent, and they gave off a kind of muted lighting effect that I myself found very depressing…the light was actually kind of yellowish in color, and it almost felt like you were in prison because of this fact.
  • -This is the last and most of the time ( in my opinion ) most overlooked factor. Eating properly has several sub headings, which I will not cover here, but I’m sure we are all aware of what these are so again I’m going to just dumb this down and state the obvious…at a minimum we need to have three meals a day and a snack or two also. Eating properly keeps everything functioning properly! and honestly, eating serves another function which I think we as ” Driven Work People ” tend to ignore…when you take your regular meals when your supposed to, you give your mind and body a break from the mind numbing work day, and let’s be honest again…most Americans are so driven to earn a living, impress the boss, make those production numbers, you get the idea here; that we tend to just skip lunches and never leave our desks unless we have to use the bathroom! I have something else to add here, but I’m thinking it very inappropriate to add to this post, and I do not want to continue to knock the American work ethic to overachieve and thus not actually enjoy our lives as we bow to the corporate gods that pay our meager salaries….I hope this doesn’t come off as sounding bitter…:)

Okay, so I’m sure that there are other factors that I did not list in the above paragraphs, that can have an effect on Attitude ( and if you happen to think of some, please feel free to leave a comment about it here ) but for me they are the main ones to consider ( at least for me at the present time ) and so we need to have all of those factors aligned and all in a row like little ducks for the Attitude factor to really happen the way we want…and what we want is a positive Attitude, because having a negative attitude is just plain counterproductive…no if’s, and’s or but’s about it…wow what a cliched statement to make here…but I am familiar with it, due to age of course.

So, what I need ( thus what you will need to )  is a positive Attitude, in order to fuel the last thing that I am going to need in order to make this Lifestyle Change a reality for me and that is…Determination & Drive…you didn’t think I was going to go the easy way and just pick one of them did you? :)


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