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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

Posted Mar 12 2009 3:44pm
The news last night, and the Irish Times today have stated that NCHDs in Ireland get paid OVERTIME for LUNCH BREAKS.
This is an outright lie, a baldfaced lie, on two fronts.

1) We do NOT get paid OVERTIME for a lunch hour!!! 9-5 Mon-Fri we are paid basic rates like everyone else. From 1-2 or whenever they are postulating that we take this mythical lunch hour, we do not suddenly jump up to overtime rate for an hour and back down again to basic at the end of the hour.

2)We do not GET scheduled lunch breaks of any kind, and never have. We do not eat at all if we are busy. We have never had the luxury of any kind of even remotely protected lunch breaks unlike other staff.

This is blatant misrepresentation if not just outright lying for the sake of lying. In any other country there would be legal action for this sort of lies in the media.

I am very, very, very angry.

Notwithstanding this is the least, and the most minor of the cuts. They are not mentioning, curiously, their plans to cut the training grant a whole lot anymore, as people understand that this will dramatically dumb down the medical workforce, and be very detrimental to the standard of care patients receive.

But don't get me wrong. They are still cutting it. Just not talking as loudly about it anymore.

I think my blood pressure has just gone through the roof.
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