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Less Bad Is Still Not Good

Posted May 18 2013 10:03pm

Following up on previous posts, I wanted to point out how sometimes a food is positioned as being positive when it really is just “less bad” than other foods.

For example, many of the saturated-fat-is-good crowd refer to this study .  Some claim this study shows that consumption of saturated fat reduces heart disease.

But read carefully!  It says: “saturated fat intake is associated with less progression of coronary atherosclerosis”.  That means it’s still progressing, but just at a slower rate.  This is not the same as no progression or reversal.

I’ve been seeing the same thing in regards to red palm oil.  One study showed red palm oil is “less atherogenic than coconut oil”.  But this is just a backwards way of saying that it does promote atherosclerosis, but again just at a slower rate!

Just because something is “less bad” does not make it good!

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