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left pain under left collarbone when taking a breath everytime, cannot take a deep breath at all also sharp pain left side

Posted by bloving04

yesterday i started having a sharp pain under my collarbone afternoon it progressed to the point that everytime i took a deep breath it really hurt now today it is all the time...every breath i take make me whince and then i am unable to take a deep breath it has also been causing a sharp pain in my rib cage occasionally...i went to the chiro today and was ajusted thinking it was a pinched nerve or something she ddint seem to think it was but said that she was able to adjust me some and that my muscles were very tense and my back was swollen..if i havent improved by tomorrow she suggested going to a dr or the ER  what does this situation sound like to you?
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i had that happen to me a few years ago, i ended up going to the ER because as the day progressed, i found it harder to breath, they took x-rays and such and found a spot on my lung, i was being treat for a blood clot in my lung, but in the end it was because the lower part of my lung had collasped, the pain in the collarbone was caused by my diaphram being irritated... good luck :)
sounds musculoskeletal, like spasmodic intercostal musculature. More concerning possibility is an inflammatory process of the pleura (membrane covering the lung). A trial of an OTC analgesic (tylenol, ibuprofen) would be useful. If it improves / resolves, probably just muscular spasm pain. However, if progresses and is markedly affecting breathing, will need exam / x-ray at urgent care center / ER. Also, if start with fever, sputum production, need to see MD either Primary Care or ER / urgent care.
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