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Learning From Direct Physical Experience

Posted Sep 23 2012 8:19pm

I am reaching the point with running that reading any more or researching any more about it is doing me no good.  These last couple weeks I have tried to rely more on learning from direct physical experience and thinking less.

Here's an example from tonight.  About 15 minutes into my run, my left foot started to hurt.  So at that point I had a choice: walk home, or run differently such that it would not hurt.  I chose the latter, and ran the rest of the loop home without any pain.

Now I think that I was overstriding, and I made changes to my stride to shorten it a bit.  But who really knows.  The bottom line was that this change improved my stride in the short-term.

I was thinking too about back when I ran a lot over a two-year period from 1995 - 1997.  Back then there were no form gurus and no real internet presence.  I'm sure my stride back then was not perfect as I ran with the thicker shoes that were available at the time.  But here's the interesting part: I never got injured over that two-year period.  Sure, I got tired when I pushed it too hard, but I never had any injury that stopped me from running.  And this was from putting zero intellectual thought into the way I was running, and just training by feel.

Of course I was younger back then as well.  But it makes you wonder...

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