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Law of Inertia

Posted May 18 2012 8:43pm
Newton's First Law States that: an object not subject to any net external force moves at a constant velocity. Thus an object will continue moving at its current velocity until some force causes its speed or direction to change. It has been close to 25 years since my dad taught me about Newton's First Law. I have a couple of issues with that.... The first issue is that it has clearly not been close to 25 years since I was in the 7th grade! I mean how would I possibly be able to remember Newton's First Law for that long? The second issue is that Newton's First Law seems to be to blame for my complete lack of (or overabundance of)focus. Sounds kind of hocus pocus right? But as much as I want it to be, I don't think it is. I have amazing focus, for real. I can focus on spinning around in circles and not accomplish anything for days on end!!! That is focus right? I tend to complain about not being able to focus on the things I want to, and need to do. This means that at any given time I am super focused on not being focused, causing me to accomplish nothing. It seems as if I am in orbit around some Utopian world my brain has created. I am orbiting around this perception I have of what a good life is, trying to find a way into it, only to find that I am afraid to enter because my definition does not match reality. I reach out asking people to help me break through. In reality I am afraid of the work, and ask people break through for me. I have found out what the problem isn't, and also what the solution isn't. The problem isn't that people aren't trying to knock me out of orbit. rust me, I have received several pushes and shoves trying to accomplish just that, but for some ODD reason, the time it takes for my focus to readjust is so minimal that inertia isn't broken, the tiny shove in one direction immediately causes the focus to readjust so orbiting can be resumed without interruption. So the problem isn't that I lack focus, nor is the solution to depend 100% on outside forces to nudge me. After all I just proved that my focus is strong enough to eliminate the effects of outside forces on my little orbit. Manipulation can be fun; it is a way for your brain to twist reality just enough to make it fit your perceptions. I may have manipulated the Law of Inertia just a bit... We deceive ourselves into thinking that manipulating the world around us will help make the world more like the Utopian world we wish to live in. Using Newton's First Law as a scapegoat for my perceived lack of focus is really nothing but that, a scapegoat. I manipulated it, in reality,the slightest nudge should disturb the orbit, otherwise the law is invalid, right? So, even when the focus kicks in to haul the brain back into orbit, a change has taken place be it ever so slight! For just a little while, the circle wasn't perfect, and even though a new, perfect circle is created, the disturbance was there. So the solution is not to try to manipulate the reality Isaac's observations. I have an infinite number of those disturbances in my life. I am surrounded by amazing people, who want to help me, guide me, love me, and only wish the best for me. And even though I would like to think that I listen, I have come to understand that my subconscious is in charge of my focus. You can compare my subconscious to a a very scared turtle, every time it feels a "nudge" it sticks its head out to see what is going on, only to quickly withdraw it before it gets burned. Every time someone nudges me I feel good, and only want to do what is required of me, but time after time my subconsciousness hijacks my focus and brings it back into orbit. The solution is both simple, and hard. Simple because Proverbs 16.9 clearly tells you what it is: The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. . Hard because our small brains have a hard time understanding what God means by that; don't we have free will? What good is it to have free will if God directs us anyway?. The free will is the option we have of doing things the easy way or the hard way. At any given moment in time we are where God wants us to be, we can accept that, do our part by staying healthy, focusing on the things we have been given, and not the things we have lost. The hard thing, however, is when you time after time experience what you perceive to be losses, it can become a struggle to figure out what God's plans for you are. I tend to get stuck grieving my losses, I get blinded and forget about all the things I have been given. These past weeks I have run into the phrase "Let go and let God" a million times. I have been reading a series of novels showing the difference between asking God for what you want, and not for what you need! My goal is to learn to ask for what I need, and do what I can with just that. It will take time and hard work, but I need to be more aware of all the nudges my orbit receives, and rather than allowing my subconscious mind to immediately draw it back, I need to allow it to flow with the nudges. My thinking leads me to believe that the nudges are not coincidences. It will take patience, blood, sweat, tears, prayers, and a lot of focus. "For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope" Jeremiah 29:11 I am grateful for all my nudgers out there. I can be difficult, but I hope you know that I appreciate you all for what you do, your patience, your honesty, and your friendship. You all know who you are! Peace, hope and FOCUS. P Contact email

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