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Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails: You Have to Treat ALL of the Nails!

Posted Nov 09 2010 7:09am
Laser Treatment for Fungus- Calling All Toenails!!!

I have been lasering toenails for quite some time now and only recently have come across more and more people wondering “Why not just laser the affected toenails? It would, after all, come out cheaper that way wouldn’t it?”

The simple answer is “No, not really.” But let me back this up so you can take my word for it.

Fungus is visible when the nail is grossly infected. What many do not realize, is that the process started long before you could see it with the naked eye. This alone is enough reason for the need to laser all ten toenails.

All too often I see patients who tell me that their nail fungus was only on one nail for the longest time. Then, all of a sudden, it has spread to others. Fungus is contagious! It does not just sit in one place. It gets in in your carpet, your bath mats, your shower tile. And worst of all, if you do have fungus, even in just one toenail, that fungus has already grossly contaminated your shoes! For your other nails there is no escape!

Think about how lasering only those affected nails singularly, ignoring all the others which are surely contaminated. How secure do you feel about that? If you had a bad cough and shortness of breath, how secure would you feel about going to a doctor who gave you cough medicine, but didn’t bother to listen to the pneumonia brewing in your lungs? Only treating the “visible” symptom, but not the underlying problem is a problem, whether it is lungs, nails or any other condition. Fungus brews until it has a large enough colony to “visibly” affect other nails or even a previously treated nail! What does that mean to the patient? It means more frequent trips to the podiatrist for yet another “spot” treatment. You will find, is that in the end, you will have coughed up (no pun intended!) what you should have to have all nails treated in the first place! Worse yet, the cycle may continue since only the nails with visible fungus are treated again! Who knows when it might end for you and how much time you will need to devote to these types of visits? Why take that chance?

What I do strongly believe, as do all the physicians at Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas (FAANT), is that if you are going to spend your valuable time and finances to have this procedure preformed, the least we can do is treat all your toenails at once. This will greatly increase the odds of success! One very effective treatment in one visit!

Another thing to consider is FDA approval. Only one type of fungus-treating laser in the U.S. is FDA approved. Fortunately, we have this laser at FAANT!! This is something that should give you extra piece of mind! You are getting what we know is safe and effective! All ten toenails and FDA approval is money well spent!
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