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Kobe Bryant rivals fear of difficult to join the lakers jazz top would not cheap zijin army

Posted Mar 02 2013 2:09am
According to the ESPN senior reporter mark stein in individual push on, revealed that raja bell even and jazz reach buyout agreement can't join the lakers. The reason is, the lakers don't want to add any salary burden. "Jazz and raja bell is still in contract negotiations buyout, bell a game this season didn't play, this season, the Cheap Kobe 7 name of the bell has been and the Los Angeles lakers relates in together, but according to the report, the lakers don't want any salary increase burden," in their push characteristic, mark stein said. It is interesting in recently, "ring world" reporter alex - Kennedy also a source says, bell and jazz to a buyout agreement, meanwhile, bell also told his friends he is and the Los Angeles lakers signing message. This season, the name of the bell always and the Los Angeles lakers relates in together. Early jazz and discuss the contract before him, until now still no and jazz reached agreement, signed a contract to buy homes procrastinated. The trade deadline to bell off after, both parties are still in buyout talks. And according to the Salt Lake City BBS newspaper revealed that jazz basketball executive vice President Kevin - in a AoKangNa recently a radio Cheap Kobe VII program also admits the team at present and bell is buyout talks, but the bell was not satisfied they given buyout price, this ability to both sides so far failed to reach a buyout agreement. In addition, the jazz don't want to let the bell to rival the lakers is one reason. "We are from the start to discuss the purchase, we would like to buy a bell and agreement, so that he can not only leave Utah (join other teams), but also get we give his buyout fee. He will be here from we get the money, but he can't from here to get all the money, then go to the lakers make a fortune (I don't allow himself to do that). If so, I'll be fired, and I will fire yourself." When asked "are you thinking about not a buyout bell agreement, so that he can't for the lakers team?" , AoKangNa said: "if we think it's best for the team's interests, we will do it. Who also don't want to buckle a person, but it also said from the beginning. Bell said he wanted to buy out the contract, we began to say the Kobe 7 USA same. All our idea is to pay a minimum of buyout fee. But we never listen to what he said. He never think of us had sure reply. We will use the right way to handle it." At present, Utah to 31 - and negative record in the western conference, the lakers 7 to 29-30 negative record in the west 9. In today's game, kobe Bryant and throw in 13, including eight 3-pointers in 4, 7 free throws off 3, 33 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals. In his last four games, Bryant averaging 35 points, shooting reaches as high as 59.6%, the state is quite brave. In addition, kobe Bryant still send out the game three times dunks, the body is in superb form. As 34 player, kobe Bryant can still keep so good state, in really not easy. And at the same time, as a fan, we can only enjoy Bryant have created amazing, because look one day less one day, sooner or later he will and NBA say goodbye. Along with the beat wolves, the lakers into 29-30 negative, distance rocket 8 are two games. This obviously kobe was very happy, after continuous updated micro bo, especially the last one, but also cause the attention of the fans, because he had a new nickname. "Oh, my god. My brother just gave me a new nickname (VINO), I am very like, ha ha ha ha." Kobe Bryant's push on wrote. VINO Kobe 7 Big Bang many refers to the wine. As the saying goes good, wine more long more alcohol, and this very good description of the season kobe Bryant. Although has 34 years old, but Bryant's state but do not lose any young star, he worked in a long time to lead the league in scoring.Not only that, in this season's process, Bryant had 10 consecutive games off 30 +, and separate into history's most young 30000 points and 31000 points.
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