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Knee pain

Posted by Caitlin T

I'm 22 and have been an athlete my whole life, in Oct 2008 I tore my ACL playing field hockey at school, had surgery, then fractured my patella and had major surgery again 2 weeks after the first.  They had to do an open reduction internal fixation of my patella :(  I had a lot of pain from the screws in my patella when trying to return to sports so I had those removed a year ago in June.  I returned to sports in Aug/Sept and played through Nov, took some time off and started running again in late December.  I had very little pain while running until i got to mile 3 or so, but now I can't even run 1 mile without pain.  I went snowboarding twice this year (wore my brace both times) with some pain but nothing major.  I took a few hard falls but none directly on my it possible that my pain is being caused by broken/free floating scar tissue in my joint???  I know there's a lot of scar tissue in there, the anatomy of my knee is visibly different than my good knee, and it is always slightly swollen.  My pain is anterior/lateral, and I'm 99% sure it's not tendinitis, I've been there done that already :)  Any advice or thoughts???


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Check out this article that was posted on my blog about knee pain.  Let me know if you have any questions or feedback:

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