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Knee Pain (Jumper's Knee, I think !!!)

Posted by dob85


I have played for about 4hrs volleyball and when I went home I have an excruciating pain right under the knee cap. The next thing I know It hurt when I walk, Standing-up from a sitting position or climbing stairs.   The first week, I was using a lot of Ice and Advil.   BTW, it was never inflamed nor discolored knee.   After the first month, the pain dissipated, but every time I try to run on in it start to hurt.  Then i am forced to stop and use the Bike instead.  I am 6.4 and 213 lbs, 39 years old and an active person.   Can someone tell me what this might be ?

Thank You


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It seems to me: 1. you overstressed the knee by the length of the exercise. 2. Ice is put on a swelling, not just a hurting part of the body. You may have inhibited the natural restoration process of your injury. You may have damaged a part of the cartilage. The best thing is to do nothing, except be gentle with your knee. Pay attention to the messages it sends you. And not just your knee, but your whole body. It's smart, trust it!
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