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Kids' Healthy 'Health Foods'?

Posted Oct 03 2008 11:31am
There are so many health foods for kids in the market. And it's already becoming a culture to buy these health foods for your kids. If you don't buy it for your kids, your don't love your kids and not concerning about their future.

One question: Are they really healthy?

These cereals, granola bars, fruit drinks, milks and so on, with the 'healthy foods' claims. Are they trustable?

For sure, the parents are anxious concerning everything that helps their kids to grow up healthy (or more healthy than the kids next doors). They want only the best for their kids, and so, they buy these expensive and fancy 'health' foods for their kids.

Junk foods? Nah... These parents already mark them off in their kids' eating list.

But, well, do you think those junk food companies are junks?

You are wrong! They know how to repackage their foods and drinks, add in something, and make it 'healthier'! And so, they emerge in the market again, becoming 'health foods'.

Worse off, those cereals, granola bars, fruit drinks and milk companies, to increase their sales, and to make the kids prefer their products, they make their products sweeter, tastier, and more colourful!

The carbohydrates, fat, sodium and the additives......

Some products, claimed by the manufacturers, are low fat, low sodium, or seldomly, even low carbohydrates! Then high in fibre, calcium, vitamins and sort of.

And the fruit drinks and milk also, well, calcium fortified, DHA fortified, vitamins fortified. Some even with NO CHOLESTEROL claims.

Graphically, some products are showing images of cartoons playing sports, claiming that they are promoting active lifestyle, and their products can provide the kids with more energy (well, more calories) to be active. And of course, the cartoons are so appealing to the kids (everyone wants one!).

In addition, the kids's 'health' foods additives, like colouring and preservatives, are linked with hyperactivity in kids in some scientific studies. And for many products, they are not list what additives they use in their product labels.

YES. For most of the 'health' foods and drinks, their calories, sodium and additives levels are 'within the safety limits'.

But, we shall never forget that the 'within safety limits' is applied to that single product only.

Does your kid only consume a single product in a day?

The real situation is: The kids eat and drink various type of these 'health' foods and drinks per day, and many servings per day.

So... When accumulated, are they still 'within safety limit'? For both short and long term.

Why are there so many obese kids around? Why are the diabetes and hypertension started to attack kids? Why more and more kids associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders? If their foods are so 'healthy'.
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