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Kids Deficient in D3

Posted Aug 11 2009 10:57am

So now after 5 years the journal, Pediatrics Onlline,  decides to print an article saying that children are deficient in vitamin D3.  This is not news.  The original NHANES study was completed 2001-2004.  There have been many papers and commentaries on how deficient everyone in the population is with vitamin D3. You can read the story from the Wall Street Journal here and the link above to the journal article.

So why now?  It is, I suspect, that the realization of entering into a season for the flu with the H1N1 about to run rampant through the population that is less than 25 years of age we fear the worst results.  It is not that the science of infectious disease like the flu and it relationship to vitamin D3 is not complete.  It is how we have ignored the science we have and now fear of how the medical industry has profited from childhood upper respiratory conditions might just catch up to us as a pandemic that really hits the immature population.  There is guilt.

We have contributed through taxes and insurance payments and other contributions for research to have it ignored is just outrageous.  The profit from illness that the professions consider not as life threatening to make profit just makes me truly upset.  There is such arrogance among the professions in turf protection for a certain income requirement that empathy for the hurting has also been ignored.

The solution is for information like this blog that allows people to understand that most disease states occur because of lack of nutrition.  We can choose to practice bad nutrition as part of our freedom.  But when the institutions try to scare us away from good nutrition for profit then it becomes outrageous.  We have been scared out of the sun for the last fifty years.  We practiced everyone getting omega-3 fat and vitamin D3 through cod liver oil for over 5 decades until the sixties and then moved away from it because we made some false claims about too much vitamin A in the cod liver oil would cause brittle bones.  I suspect that when the science on this is truly reviewed we would find that there would be less osteoporosis.  In particular if we were not scared from the sun in addition to taking cod liver oil so as to better balance D and A.

I do not believe there was any grand conspiracy, just institutions trying to protect their profits without any empathy.  The solution to the healthcare crisis is to heal the population so that our death rate per 1000 gets in line with sunny countries like Mexico.  Please see my prior blog.

I have written several posts on cancer and now we will began to consider other disease.  We will start with the cholesterol issue next.

In the mean time know that it is not just children, it is everyone that is deficiency.  Children being deficient will cause severe diseases in later life like type 1 diabetes, asthma,heart disease, cancer, and autism.   However, being deficient as we age will cause many chronic diseases.  Please supplement to a level as suggested by the Vitamin D Council and for children please read the VDC’s newsletter that addresses this issue.  Also please read the information on H1N1 and vitamin D at the  Vitamin D Council.

Go into the sun and get your kids outside to play while it is still giving us UVB to convert the cholesterol in our skin to helpful beneficial vitamin D3.

- Pandemic Survivor

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