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Kidney Disease, Diabetes and Vasculitis

Posted Feb 16 2011 12:00am

Hi there all.

I have to again apologize for my not posting here regularly, but I will try to make up for that in the near future. On to the article at hand. I came across this piece the other day that was talking about chronic kidney disease, and there were tie ins with diabetes, and of course our favorite subject here on this blog…vasculitis.

Part of the reason behind my doing this article has a lot to do with the fcat that I have a friend at a previous place of employment who has some form of this disease, and has stents placed in arms and atreas of the neck for purposes of dialysis, as this person has had issues with the stents closing up and or not properly functioning so that my friend has had to endure going through several procedures having these stents replaced several times now.

And as I have been doing a few pieces on diabetes lately, I was intrigqued to read this article piece. This article was on a site called News 4 The article is titled Chronic Kidney Disease and I have a small piece of the article below…

Thirty-one million Americans – approximately one in six adults – have chronic kidney disease. While a majority of those people are unaware they have kidney disease, the causes affecting the most people are diabetes high blood pressure .

Diabetes occurs when a person’s body cannot manufacture or use insulin in the normal amounts required for good health. When this happens, the amount of sugar circulating in the bloodstream rises to an abnormally high level. Kidneys can’t work properly under these conditions, and delicate tissues gradually sustain damage.

The above paragraph especially holds interest for me, as my friend is overweight, which if you are diagnosed with diabetes can cause issues with the kidneys, and as many of us are aware, when there are kidney issues well, then other issues start to surface, depending on just how far along the issue with the kidneys has progressed. The last time I had spoken with my friend ( and this was at least two months ago now ) this person was in the hospital for a week due to complications with their kidneys.

And of course, this next portion from a paragraph will be of interest to those of us who have a vascular condition…

Immune diseases that can lead to glomerulonephritis include Lupus, Goodpasture’s syndrome and IgA nephropathy. Vasculitis is an inflammation of the blood vessels caused by Polyarteritis and Wegener’s granulomatosis

and listed below are just a few symptoms of kidney disease…

  • Tiredness, fatigue and weakness (due to poor elimination and/or anemia)
  • A change in urination, especially at night
  • Swollen legs, hands, feet or puffy eyes from retaining fluid
  • High blood pressure and chest pain due to inflammation around the heart

okay, so these are just a few of the things that are mentioned in the article, and I encourage everyone to read the article by just clicking the link here .


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